Four Signs You are Being Called By God 

How do we know that there is a God? The truthful answer is we cannot know for certain, but the Bible has penned many truths that point to the Creator’s existence, God. The beauty and order you see in the universe suggest that someone greater is behind everything. Despite this, God and His Glory is remaining a mystery. He works in mysterious ways. Plenty of people have pointed out that man’s heart can love and desire to be loved. Many call this power of love in the world came from God. Far more people believe in God because of the “God-shaped hole” in their hearts that only God can fill. When they’ve accepted God in their hearts, they find themselves with life-altering ramifications. 

This ramification is God’s calling to you to step out in faith. Only a few can hear God’s call, and the others turn their heads away from Him, never accepting His calls. If you fall into the foremost category, you might want to read this article. There might be this undeniable tug on your heart, and you now think that He is calling upon you. But, how can you be certain it’s really God who’s calling you? We can never know. The faith life is quite a mystery that it doesn’t come with instructions or warnings. Yet, you will find yourself gaining confidence and faith in God. He might be reaching out to you now, and you may not know it. Thus, here are some of the signs to help you discern God’s call upon you. 

You Fall Off Course

Some people have sudden, dramatic experiences that led them to be called. The whole experience will be overwhelming. The number of physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges you face daily will be extreme. This circumstance will make you fall off course with what you have planned, but this is a sign made by God that the direction you are walking is not the direction for you. This means He is getting your attention by telling you that you have a greater calling, which can translate into a shift in life, career, or relationships. God calls His people in ways you have never imagined. What you experience will be different from others, but common is the need to approach God. By falling off course, you will lean more to God and find the answers to why this is happening to your life. Your calling may not be revealed overnight, you may pass through challenges first before discovering what God wants for you. 

You Begin to Feel the Power of Prayer

God will welcome you with open arms even if you have been out of touch with Him. He has always wanted to form a connection with you, and He will receive you anytime. Despite the disconnection, you find yourself kneeling and praying to the Lord; then this is God’s way to send you a message. In the beginning, your prayer may seem to be unheard, but soon you will feel the power of prayer within. If you’re seeing your prayers answered, you are seeing the power of God at work. Call onto God, and He will answer you. Prayer is a way to communicate your thoughts to the Heavenly Father. The answer you receive may be different from what you wanted, this is God saying that this is the way you must follow. 

You Feel the Need to Surrender to Him

Stepping in faith comes with challenges that will deeply hurt your belief in God. This comes through experiencing God in your life in new ways. Despite these challenges, you desire to surrender your life in the hand of God, trusting Him on your next step. This is a sign that God has truly called upon you. To surrender means choosing to trust God over yourself. You trust to let go of the things hindering you from achieving the big vision supplanted with God’s call. He will supplement what you need. He will shape and mold you in the process. Stepping in faith requires you to rely on God and His ways even if the challenges are immense and frightening. 

You Have a Desire to Serve God

One day, God will whisper something into your anxious heart that will kick off and change everything for you. You will become inspired, encouraged, and loved by God and the universe, leading you to desire to share the message God whispered to you with the world. He will make you feel an underlying urge to do something bigger than yourself, to benefit the greater good without any need for reward. God will make you use your God-given abilities to help others and serve him, therefore, fulfilling your calling. This calling can be serving the church or speaking the word. Oftentimes, He will make you use your mind and hands to help others. Like Pastor Mark L. Spell, he served God through his words and written work Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man Rebirth. He uses his book as a vehicle to helping others understand how the Spirit of God works in their life, unlocking the knowledge of the Spiritual mysteries of the Word of God. There are many ways you serve God, all you have to do is listen closely for what God speaks to you. 


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