Guide to Knowing God Deeply and Profoundly

Profound knowledge in any aspect of the world is not always easy to achieve; it takes a village to gain powerful knowledge. Nonetheless, when you have grasped it, nothing will ever take it away from you. Christians are tasked to grow their knowledge about God. And just like any other knowledge, it takes a couple of measures to do so. That is why many Christians are striving hard to make sure that they truly know God at the most extreme. There are several reasons why believers should do so.

One reason you should take all the measures of knowing God is that the Bible commands it. In John 17:3, you can find the verse, “And this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” Entering into a personal relationship with the Lord means that you are entering eternal life. And, your eternal life begins as this relationship starts. There are a lot of ways how one can know God from the depths of their soul. This blog will guide you in your journey to having a special bond with God. Below are the ways and steps you can do this:

Talk to Him

Just like how you would get to know a person you’ve just met, you need to open up to God. Open your heart to God and make time for it every day of your life. One of the ways is by knowing your heart first. Identify the things that you are grateful for and offer them up to the Lord. This way, you will be sincere whenever you talk to Him because it is essential to bring up everything you feel. Talking also means that you are listening. Some people would breathe whenever they want to receive God’s grace.

Be Receptive to Learn from Others

Learning from others’ experiences can give you so much in return—grace, wisdom, knowledge including. And, many attest that the kind of wisdom and knowledge they receive from listening to others is the best. Thus, you want to be receptive to this kind of learning. You can know what mistakes not to make when you go through the thing they’ve encountered. One of the best books you can get to get the best teaching about God is Fresh Fire by Mark L. Spell. Changing lives through teaching and prayer by Spell will teach readers to seek the Lord for deeper knowledge. It is said to be a God-sent vehicle to bring people to their next destination with God.

Dive into the Bible

The Bible should always be the go-to tool for every Christian in history. When one can dive into the wisdom of the Bible, they are guaranteed to have a better and deeper understanding of the Lord. The word of God shows His people His character. He reveals himself to them. It helps Christians grow in maturity as part of the Christian calling. Eventually, it will lead people to salvation and saves them when they are entirely putting their hopes in them.

Make Room for God

How many hours would you spend working? How many hours would you spend talking to friends or texting? How many minutes would you spend praying? Of all the things and activities you are doing every day of your life, how many minutes do you spend with God? All the points above will require you to make room and make time for God? Essentially, you will be ready to take this seriously, and you will think to yourself, “Why did I not do this sooner?” In day-to-day life, you should always consider Him. Everything that you do and every decision you make should always apply God’s teaching. When you do this, you will find peace. You will no longer fear, and your worries will all go away.

The profound knowledge you have in the Lord will be there to help you in all times in this lifetime. Thus, nourishing and developing it is essential. You need to make sure that you take all the measures you need to live life according to God’s teachings. May the points above help you in fulfilling your Christian life.

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