As a Christian, whether you are newly saved and just beginning to dedicate your life to the things of Christ and His kingdom; or have been saved for some time but have been seeking the Lord for a deeper knowledge of the things of the Spirit; Fresh Fire is just the God-sent vehicle to get you to your next destination in God. It is important that you are taught sound doctrine and biblical philosophies so that you may go forth with a better understanding of God’s word and the awesomeness of his Power.
Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man Rebirth


This book is one that will stand the test of time. There is not a time that you cannot refer back to it and it provide great insight that will improve your Christian stance in serving God and understanding what the will of God is for your life. Charlotte Randolph, Amazon customer


Mark Spell author of Fresh Fire
Mark L. Spell began teaching and expounding on the Word of God as a pastor and founder of Disciples of Christ Deliverance Ministries (DOCDM) in June 1997. Since then, God has tremendously blessed his God-given vision of “Changing Lives through Teaching and Prayer.”


Week Paleo Diet Plan To Get A Beach Body

Common phrases for these kind of weight-reduction plan include the caveman food regimen, the hunter-gatherer weight loss plan and naturally, the Paleo weight loss plan. Paleolithic living as a dietary idea was first promoted by gastroenterologist, Dr Walter L...

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Definition Of Paleolithic Food regimen

In case you're not careful, any such eating regimen can get expensive. However as we know, with a little research, we are able to make maintaining a healthy diet incredibly reasonably priced Admittedly, whereas I like to recommend consuming organic fruits and veggies,...

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